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(814 2) 73-76-30, 73-76-43
: 3473    : 4    : 3

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,   , : ,   .   .    — «», .   «» ,   . , ,   .

 .  ,  , «-».  — , , ,  —   , , -, , , , .





 — ,   .
— 1-  11 «», «»;
— 5- ( , );
— 2-   ;
—   ( . . );
— - :    ,  ..
— ( , );
— ;
— :    , ;
—   ;
— .
—   — 20 .
—   — 12 .


— 3- «»: 2  , , 2    , , , , , , , , .
— 2- «»: 1  , , , , , , , , ( ).
— 1- «»: , , , , , , , .

+ 2 : 1   2 , , , , , , , , ( ). .


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c 05.03.-12.03., 01.05.-10.05., 01.06.-15.09., 24.12.-15.01.


4- : 2  (1 + 2 );   , , , , , ; -; ( , ,   , , ); ( 4- 5- ).





3- : 2  ( 1  ), (, ,   , , );    — , , , , , ;





2- : (25 . .,1 );    — , , , , , , ; ( , ,   , , );





: (15 . .)    — 1  2  , , , , , , ; (, ,   , , );





500 ./. — 12
800 ./. —



12 :  — 2700=, 5 — 2000=, 1-4 — 1000=, 6-11 — 1500=.    01.03.2004 .

. , (814 2) 73-76-30, 73-76-43, . , . , .13 78-19-27.


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facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Laabm272w, 13.02.2018 11:37
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Tuwbq69b, 13.02.2018 11:35
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Gzzvd835c, 13.02.2018 11:32
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Vgaoi29m, 13.02.2018 11:29
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Pdifs935q, 13.02.2018 11:27
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Ceagi460j, 13.02.2018 11:24
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Sbowy810y, 13.02.2018 11:21
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Yscjp483x, 13.02.2018 11:19
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Vqftz275v, 13.02.2018 11:16
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Lptrn247l, 13.02.2018 11:13
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Olxuv802t, 13.02.2018 11:11
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Bepju102s, 13.02.2018 11:08
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Dvhib644x, 13.02.2018 11:05
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Diksv459j, 13.02.2018 11:03
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Lfmut219y, 13.02.2018 11:00
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Fygnl700g, 13.02.2018 10:57
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Radub89i, 13.02.2018 10:55
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Gfwff707c, 13.02.2018 10:52
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Fpqze796c, 13.02.2018 10:49
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Vdwtz828q, 13.02.2018 10:47
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Rmnyg827s, 13.02.2018 10:44
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Iunso121p, 13.02.2018 10:41
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Cfbhh269n, 13.02.2018 10:39
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Hmqhh534r, 13.02.2018 10:36
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Zhwdf459g, 13.02.2018 10:34
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Ndoop899d, 13.02.2018 10:31
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Wqgog262e, 13.02.2018 10:28
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Yriov111g, 13.02.2018 10:26
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Yisfu7z, 13.02.2018 10:23
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Bowdg830i, 13.02.2018 10:20
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Fmwwf968p, 13.02.2018 10:18
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Nusqd958s, 13.02.2018 10:15
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Vbxzz728v, 13.02.2018 10:12
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Vftmw607q, 13.02.2018 10:10
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Pyyue89c, 13.02.2018 10:07
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Rkknf371u, 13.02.2018 10:04
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Akeyg306w, 13.02.2018 10:02
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Wckxl793i, 13.02.2018 09:59
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Dkjgu18t, 13.02.2018 09:57
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Xxzxq182a, 13.02.2018 09:54
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Pqlnv310o, 13.02.2018 09:51
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Nabkc483p, 13.02.2018 09:49
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Qkmuo610d, 13.02.2018 09:46
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Rviiv456a, 13.02.2018 09:43
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Scwiq952k, 13.02.2018 09:41
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Djcrq374b, 13.02.2018 09:38
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Nprrt528r, 13.02.2018 09:35
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Zvehd467x, 13.02.2018 09:33
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Orovn616g, 13.02.2018 09:30
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Nlzrc56z, 13.02.2018 09:27
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Pqdho662p, 13.02.2018 09:25
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Gqbpi647b, 13.02.2018 09:22
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Bjkut82o, 13.02.2018 09:19
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
Xwsln795y, 13.02.2018 09:17
facebook/events/545693985795240/ facebook/events/493104044420328/ facebook/events/322430468266059/ kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134624 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-511.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/134802 polllilo21q.blog.fc2/blog-entry-512.html kollllar.hatenablog/entry/2018/02/13/135221
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Connor, 11.09.2014 12:25
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Sebastian, 11.09.2014 11:27
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Hannah, 10.09.2014 03:33
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Adrian, 02.09.2014 08:54
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Leslie, 28.08.2014 08:48
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Josiah, 28.08.2014 04:18
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Taylor, 28.08.2014 09:26
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Tristan, 28.08.2014 03:21
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Madeline, 27.08.2014 10:55
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Alexa, 27.08.2014 10:55
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heyjew, 27.08.2014 09:56
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Kimberly, 26.08.2014 06:19
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Isabel, 23.08.2014 12:49
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Sydney, 23.08.2014 09:57
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Alexander, 23.08.2014 03:30
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Cole, 19.08.2014 09:45
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